Date nights

Being in my early 20’s, moved out of my parents house and only just starting out in my current job, we don’t have a lot of money to throw around, especially when I am trying to save any sort of money I have so I can one day … just maybe…. be able to buy a house I can call my own. This is when me and my partner need to get creative when It comes to spending time together. It is very easy to slip into bad habits, such as taking each other for granted, when you live together and after a while that can really put a strain on your relationship. Spending time together, that’s not doing your own thing and being in the same room.. as that really doesn’t count… is what started your relationship in the first place.

It can defiantly be difficult to have some date nights when you are poor but, once you get a bit creative, you can have some dates to remember. I am no expert on dating at all and one day I might just tell some stories of some very very bad dates, but I do have a few ideas of some date ideas to keep things interesting, but on a budget.

  • Two for one cinema tickets-Most people have seen the meerkat movies advert, and it is actually a really good deal! A while ago, I went onto their website and bought some travel insurance, that cost me all of £7 and I now have two for one cinema tickets for a year! Even if I am unable to go on holiday next year, I will be buying some insurance as it is so worth it!
  •  Bake/Cook together– This is one of my favourites! I love a good bake and doing it together can be extra fun. Personally, I like to make homemade Pizzas together- Make it a competition of who can make the best pizza and whoever looses, has to wash up.
  • Strawberry picking– I found a cute little farm shop that lets you pick your own strawberries and raspberries and all you have to pay for is the amount of strawberries you pick. I went with a large basket and came out £6.59 down and that also included some shortbread from the shop too! It was so nice to go down to the farm, on a warm day and go home with some delicious fruits. I believe they also do pick your own pumpkins around Halloween.
  • Mini Golf- something that you have seen in many films and tv shows, but it is there for a reason! It is so fun unless you are competitive like me and start to loose. They can be cheap or at least do a deal if you go on the right day! This is the same with bowling, but again if you’re competitive it might be one to stay away from, especially if you are a bad looser!
  • Go for Coffee and cake– well in my case cake and hot chocolate, but it just didn’t have the right ring to it. Yes you could make it at home, but going out to a coffee shop, gives it that sense of something special. If you stay at home, it is easier to slip back into the bad habits, like looking at your phone, not listening, but going out can make a big difference.
  •  Pub Quiz Night– there are so good ones around I promise! I think these nights can be full of laughs and surprises. I was both surprised with what I knew, yet also how dumb I can be.

There are so many more that I have so I have attached a file below with some other Ideas, for all price ranges and for if you want to stay in or go out! For an added bit of DIY, the attachments can be printed and cut up, so you can place them in a jar and pick out random ones at a time.

Date Night Ideas

At Home Date Night Ideas

There are so many good things you can go out and do and if you are with the right person, you should be able to have a laugh doing anything together! I am very lucky to have someone who makes me laugh and makes me happy even when we are doing nothing.

Let me know what your favourite date is and why you love it!


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