Sunday cooking

It’s Sunday, so I am back in the kitchen cooking and today I decided to make a butternut squash soup. My inspiration for this soup was very … and I mean very… simple. I saw a giant ( like three coke cans on top of each other tall) butternut squash, in the supermarket and needed to use it! yes… I understand I am please very easily and that my life is not the most exciting.

This was my first time making any sort of soup, so my first step in making this soup was going to Pinterest to get a rough idea of how to even start. I also looked for a recipe that I had most of the ingredients for, but when I was looking I realised it was very easy to make soup. You just really cut up a load of veg, boil it and blend it! I might try a chicken soup soon!


In total, I used  half of the huge Butternut squash, three carrots, one onion and two cloves of garlic. I then put in some salt pepper and some thyme and some veg stock. It’s been bubbling away for about and hour and in the meantime I also made some mini crumbles.  So all in all, my flat smells so good and I’m gonna be eating well today! The crumbles overflowed a little bit, but when it overflows, the fruit goes all sticky and beautiful!

Today has been a good day! I love chilled days like this, as I truly love cooking and I am a massive foodie. For some reason it makes me feel very calm and at this time of year, the warming food really helps.


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