Autumn Essentials

There has been a large colour change in the leaves that are now falling from the trees and whenever I step outside a crisp wind hits my face as I run to my car. ( I am really not an outdoor person) This can only mean that Autumn has officially arrived and I could not be happier. I do love this time of year, but there are a few things that any person needs to brave this time of year.

1. Cosy Jumper!

Yes this one is a bit obvious, but that is why it is number one! With the drop in temperature you need an extra thick layer to keep you warm and snuggley.  Personally, for this time of year I tend to go for the darker muted colours. This mainly includes khaki, burgundy,grey, brownie-orange and that all year round love of black.  My Jumper collection is getting larger and larger over the years and I can’t bare to part with any of them. For weekend looks I tend to just pair them with Leggings as I am all for comfort, but in the week I tend to pair them with a skater skirt. This also comes in handy as recently cropped jumpers have been taking over the shops, so pairing them with a skater skirt keeps everything covered. Add some cable knit tights and my life is complete.

2. Matte Lip

Not outfit to me is complete without a matte lip colour! As soon as the leaves start to fall the colour of my lip heads for the darker side! I am currently in love with dark brown and the one I am loving at the moment is from Newlook. I wasn’t expecting much when I bought it- I only really got it as it was on sale – but I was stupidly amazed! The colour is intense and you can even get away with a cheeky kiss and it doesn’t even smudge. Other colours I am loving are deep purple and the trusty berry lip.

3. Outerwear

Hats and Scarfs are my fave!!!!! I love the added touch they give to an outfit. Whenever I see people with hats and scarfs on I think they look like they have their life together and I admire that as mine is a lot messy. I think it’s something I always forget when I am running later so when I see people with them on, I instantly think they didn’t have to rush this morning. Totally wrong I bet, but it’s what I think. For me, the larger the bobble the better and I am even more thrilled if there is two. My current hat is a lovely grey with a white, fluffy bobble form Tesco! Again bigger the better when it comes to scarfs. I like it to be so large that I can use it as a blanket if I am stranded.

4. Hand cream

As soon as there is a cold air around my hands decide to go as dry as anything! It can even be a little painful. Autumn is defo the time for self love and taking care of yourself, so please get some cream!! I am still holding on to a few of Zoella’s gingerbread hand-cream from her 2016 Christmas range as I stocked up due my love of it and knowing it would be gone in a matter of weeks. I believe it is the same product with a different smell to her current range so I would still strongly recommend it as I love the original sent too!

5. Lip scrub

Just like my hands, my lips also despise this weather and at the smallest hint of the cold they decide to crack. This means that lip balm and scrub are a must! I am the worlds worst for lip balm. As they are so small and I tend to leave random crap in my massive bag, even the thought of trying to find it makes me stress out. Normally I have about 6-7 on the go so I have some hope of finding it. As I keep raving about it, its very obvious that I am a huge Lush fan,but I kid you not their lip scrubs are amazing! This is what I tend to have on my bed side table so I remember to put it on before I go to bed and when I get up.

6. Hot drinks

Hot drinks are not a huge love of mine and defo not a day to day thing, but I can’t go through autumn without them! Hot Chocolates for me is the one! THE ONE!It adds an extra special touch to a movie night in, especially when I go to town on the marshmallows and cream. Aero is my fave hot choc and they even do a mint version that is soooo good. Another added extra that I love is syrups! Before I moved out I didn’t have any responsibilities apart from keeping my car running and I stupidly didn’t save anything so one thing I decided to spend my money was Costa and Starbucks. Instead of  giving up completely, I found that I could buy the syrup to make my own at home. They seem to come out a lot more in Autumn.

7. Candle

I would like to say this is an Autumn essential, but really I believe this is a all year round essential! I do tend to light more during the autumn. With the nights drawing in, it is perfect mood lighting! But I think I have already gone into this way too much! Pumkin is my current candle scent!

These are my fave things to use this time of  year and I could not get through Autumn without them.


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