Morning walks

I am so fortunate to live around such beauty! I understand why people want to live in the city and I imagine it would be so exciting, but for me, knowing I can step outside my door and there be trails, rivers and woods fills me with joy. I have always lived in the countryside and I never used to appreciate it, but now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

The best time to head outdoors is the morning! No one has yet woken from their sleep and everything is just that little bit quieter. It’s a unique quiet as it doesn’t feel unsafe or unnerving, but calm and peaceful. I tend to do this at least once a week (on the weekend) and have time alone with my thoughts, reflecting on the week! The fresh air is always a good health benefit too!

The countryside is always beautiful, but during autumn I feel like it is at its best! The leaves are changing colour with vibrant reds, oranges and browns across the paths and that to me makes for the best photos!


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