5 Things You Should Do Every Sunday!

My favourite day of the week has to be Sunday! To me Sunday’s are such a chill day, it is all about doing nothing and enjoying that nothing. Yes, sometimes we can be dying a little from that hangover we got from the night before, but it gives you even more reason to stay in bed! I believe that Sunday’s are for you and all the things you enjoy and for me this normally mean pyjamas!

Here are a few things that help me make my Sunday’s great and maybe give a little inspiration for the many Sunday’s ahead!


Breakfast is something that in the week I don’t always have time for and when I do it rushed and something quick, like a smoothie! I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a smoothie as I think they are lush (my fave is banana and cacao) but on a Sunday I like to make a big deal of breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day so let’s give it the time it deserves! I really like to try new recipes, but if I’m stuck I’ll stick to my trusty American style pancakes with all the toppings. It makes my Sunday kick off to a great start and more often than not, I will jump back into bed with my pancakes and enjoy every bite.

2. Take some time out for you!

It is easy to forget about ourselves and what we need when we are constantly busy or just trying to catch up on things we forgot to do in the week, but we all need a break sometimes. For me Sunday is the day that my world slows down. It’s time to think about me and recharging. Taking time out for you could be anything and for any length of time! Spend that extra hour in bed, run that lush scented bath you’ve been wanting all week or take a walk and reflect on the week ahead. Being social is amazing and sometimes, if that’s what we have been lacking recently then that could be the time out you need, but spending time in your own company can work wonders on your mental health and will set you up well for the week ahead.

3. Treat yo self

We all deserve a treat every now and then and what better time to enjoy it than on a Sunday! Treats don’t have to cost you a lot – or any for that matter- of money, but it should be something you don’t have or do very often. If I’m on a new diet (yes I’ve tried them all and I’m still chubby haha) I like to save my cheat day for a Sunday, so I can start fresh on the Monday after. One of my favourite treats is going to get a hot chocolate (with all the trimmings) from a coffee shop, as i can not make anything close to that good at home and I sit in an enjoy it … maybe even with a side of cake. This normally ties in with me taking time out for myself. I would take a stroll around the river, grab my costa and read a book in the shop.

4. Reflect and plan

Near the end of the day on a Sunday, I like to make a list of goals I want to achieve by this time next week and then go over the goals I had from the week before! If you are someone who gets the work blues at the end of Sunday this is one for you. Nothing makes me more motivated that seeing my goals in-front of me – both long term and short term. It make me want to get on and do all the things I want to do and I make a list of goals for work too. This is so my attitude towards going to work shifts from “I don’t want to go” to “ I’m gonna do great this week” or “I’m ready to get my life together”. I can’t say this attitude follows me throughout the week. This does also help to make my week more productive and that always helps too!

5. Change your bedding

This might seem like a simple, mundane thing to do, but there is no better feeling that getting into bed with fresh sheets! As we are now into November I have officially changed into my Christmas sheets and I could not be happier. This is a job that can easily be forgotten so making it part of your weekly routine is not a bad thing either! This to me is a treat in itself haha!

What’s your favourite Sunday treat?


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