November Goals

How is it that we are already at the start of our third week of November? Seriously, how!! The older I get the more I understand how people say that life is short as it feels like a week ago I was setting my goals for the new year. All the goals that I have not really stuck to. Looking back, I do think I have had a good year this year and there is still two months to make it even better.

November is always a planning month for me; it is a month of getting ready for the best December. Christmas has always been a big event in my home since I was a little kid and some of my best memories are of Christmas. Now I have moved out I realise there is a lot more to do and I realise why my mum was always so stressed around this time of year. So what will I be doing this November?

  1. Try to loose a few pounds.

This is something I like to do each November and it is for the pure fact that I know I will be indulging over the next month so my plan is if I can loose some now, I wont technically put any on over Christmas. It sounds like a good plan, but I am two weeks in and I already want to eat everything in site.

2. Save as much money as I can.

I don’t want to be spending my Christmas period thinking that I will be short or not going out with friends and family because I don’t have any money. I want a month of not caring and happiness and there is nothing worse than the stress of money. So with this I am taking on a few extra shifts at work, cutting down on unnecessary treats and even selling some old stuff online, as a clear out at this time of year also does help.

3. Practice gifts

Yes you read that correct, practice gifts. Each year I like to add a personal touch to Christmas and one way I do that is I make like to make some treats and Christmas gifts for my friends, family and co workers. It is such a nice thing to do and receive- that is if they are good, so that to me means I need to test run all my treats. It gets out all the kinks. This week I tested my mini Truffles, but I may them not so mini- Next time I’ll know.

4. Buying Real gifts!

Any excuse to start Christmas early I will take it! This means starting my Christmas shopping early. Not only does it help me spread the payments of gifts, but it also gives me time to enjoy all the Christmas shopping before the big rush! Also I love to wrap the gifts, but I also take ages to do it, so it gives me a long time to get wrapping! Other things on my to buy list is decorations!

5. Enjoying the last of Autumn

The clocks have gone back, the dark nights are drawing in and every other day I have to defrost my car. I have to enjoy the most of what is left. I have decided to rewatch Gilmore Girls as to me they do Autumn and Christmas Best! I love it and it always make me feel cosy and warm inside! Live through them and all while I morn Autumn.

What have you got left to do this month?



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