Oreo Truffles

Over the past month I have been testing out treats and bakes so that my first Christmas that I will be spending in my own home will be a little step closer to being perfect. Not only that, I think little home-made gifts give such a special touch to the day I spend from roughly June obsessing over. I can not say I am the best at baking so I always have to have a few trial runs, but not even I managed to mess this up!

The recipe I used is very simple, but they taste amazing and for something so simple, they look so good! The recipe only includes five ingredients!

What you will need…

220g of Soft Cheese

80g of Caster Sugar

1Tbs of vanilla exstract

2 Packs of Oreos

250g of White Chocolate

How to make them- If I can, anyone can!

Start by crushing the two Packs of Oreos into fine crums. I used a blender to get them really fine as the smaller the crum, the smother the main mixture of the truffle. Once the oreos are crushed, place three quarters of the mix into a large bowl. Set the other quarter aside- this will  be used for decoration.

Next mix into the Oreo crums, the soft cheese, caster sugar and the vanilla extract and once it is combined, place in the fridge for about 30 mins. This will firm up the mix so it is easier to ball.

Once the 30 minutes are up, roll the mixture in your hands into small balls. The first time I made these, my fault was making them too big. As they are very rich if you make them too big even one can leave you feeling a little bit sugared out. The second time I made them I made them about 4/5cm tall. Out of this I mix I got about 20-25.

Then it is back in the fridge for about 2 hours! Really give them time to set, otherwise when it comes to coating them, it gets a bit messy.

After the 2 hours it time to coat you Oreo balls! Even after the first 30 minutes, I found the mix was still a bit sticky, so if you had trouble getting the outside smooth, give them another roll once they have set for the extra 2 hours and they should be very smooth! I think it just makes them look a bit more refined and professional!

The coating is mega simple, you melt the white chocolate over the hob ( I would defiantly recommend doing it over the hob as when I microwave it, it doesn’t stay liquidy for as long) Once the chocolate has melted, dip the balls in and fully coat them with a spoon. After they have been coated, transfer onto a baking tray and sprinkle over some of the left over Oreos.

Leave to set for another hour and then they are ready! Time to eat!!


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