Tanya’s Christmas review

When I heard that Tanya burr was writing a book all about Christmas, I lost my shit … a lot more than I am proud of! As soon as I was able to was to it was in my basket and pre ordered on amazon. I ordered it so long ago that I was surprised when I got home from work to find a red slip saying a package for me was with my neighbours. After the awkward “thank you for taking my package, even though I’ve lived here for a year now and don’t even know your name” and it is even more beautiful than I thought it would be! It is A lovely crisp white that I know I will ruin in about a week or when I decide to try one of the many recipes from in the book. The title is in a beautiful gold that reminds me of the colour of the Christmas decorations my mum had when I was a child. I felt the warmth of Christmas as soon as I opened the book.

Before I read this book, I was expecting it to be in more of the cookbook style, but with other things than just recipes. I was defiantly thinking it would be the same layout as Tanya burr’s first book Tanya bakes. It is completely not what I expecting and I love it. It is a mixture between an autobiography of her experiences of Christmas and a cook/DIY book.

Christmas for me, from being a kid to present day has always been a special time for me. I start planning as soon as my birthday is over in June! I know it’s a bit mad, but it brings me such joy. I’ll admit, when I was young it was a day of family and presents, but I think you are officially an adult when you are looking forward to Christmas without it being about the gifts!

So what’s in the book? It is filled with a little bit of everything about Christmas under sections such as

The one thing I am most excited to try is the Christmas cocktails!


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