Motivation Moments

Please tell me how the hell we are nearly at the end of 2017? Seriously! The end of the year has crept up on me at an alarming rate this year and I would like to take December to slow down a little bit. I am not sure that will happen, but I am going to try. December is the time to slow down and enjoy time with my family and friends. Not only that, it is a time I like to reflect on the year we have had and plan for the year ahead,

I cannot say that 2017 has been the best year for me. It has been filled with many lows and not so many highs, but I can officially say I have come out stronger and I will be taking a lot more life lessons with me into 2018. I think the only way I have kept sane this whole time is looking forward to what could be and only looking back to remind myself of how far I have come.

I love the idea of the new year, the idea that  great things could be heading for us and we don’t even know it. The idea that it is a fresh start and that a lot can actually happen within a year. I will admit, I am not great at sticking to my new years resolutions, however it still gives me a kick in the butt I need to at least try.

I was reading the last issue of Elle and I was inspired by the editors letter as she was talking about the closing of 2017, but it was the quote ‘ you know who is going to give you everything? yourself’ that really struck a cord. Instantly I wanted to get my life together, organise my finances, clean my flat and write 12 different to-do lists. I have decided that this will be my new pick me up and my new ‘mantra’, because everyone needs a pick me up every now and then.

I want to make the last few days of 2017 count and I also want to make 2018 one of my best years. I want to travel, I want to be productive, I want to write and take more photos. There is so much I want to do and the idea of a fresh start and washing away a bad year fills me with hope!

Does anyone else have these random waves of positivity and motivation brought on by the smallest of things? … or is it just me? What ever it is, i’m going to try and ride this wave for as long as I can and get stuff done!


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