Yesterday I woke up to snow! TO SNOW! Not just a light flake either, but 8 inches of snow. A thick white blanket across the fields, roads and weighing down every tree branch. I am not going to lie it is magical.

The last time I remember having a lot of snow, I woke up at 6AM and was listening to the radio to check if my school had closed for the day, while I watched the snow fall through the sky, only seeing the flakes by the street lights. I don’t remember having a snow day since primary school, so it was genuinely magical to get to walk through thick snow and hearing it crunch below my feet. I didn’t think I would have been so excited, but i couldn’t help myself.

Me and my partner took a early morning stroll. I didn’t fall, but I slipped several times. Snow balls were thrown, we secretly held a ‘best snowman’ competition that we were the judges are and stopped off for some lunch and I could not have been happier to get into the warmth.

One thing I love about the snowy weather is the winter outfit. I opted for leggings, boots a grey jumper dress, layered with a waterfall coat and topped off with my favourite bobble hat. I felt so festive and even got a cheeky selfie that was timed perfectly as the snow has fallen in my hair perfectly.

By the time we got back, many people had tried to drive up our road ( where no one had even attempted to grit) and the tires has made horrid sloppy marks in the crisp white snow and it got me thinking about how humans literally ruin everything! It made everything look a bit grubby.

I couldn’t make it into work today, so I had my own snow day. It was a lot different to how I used to spend them as instead of spending all day in bed or in front of the TV, I spent my day cleaning my flat, baking and trying to complete a puzzle. Oh how my life has changed!

What have you guys been up too with the snowy weather?

Gee x


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