Take a step back

The food has been eaten, the drinks have defiantly flowed and I’m snuggled up in bed in my new Christmas pjs. Not only have I had the most wonderful Christmas time, spent with both mine and my partners family, but I got what I wished for and that was a white Christmas! Yes it was very late Boxing Day, but to me, it counts! Christmas has always been a happy time for me and this year was no different! It was filled with fun and laughter, great food and I was blessed to have such amazing gifts. I love my family and friends and spending this time with them makes it all the better!

This is the most relaxed I have felt in ages! With my new flat and my new job, I have a lot more work than I had a year ago. I am in no way saying I don’t love it because I do, but I haven’t taken the time to slow down recently. I have done nothing, but enjoy the company of others and it has really shown me the value of stepping back and taking a breath. Constantly being on the go can be draining and without realising it I was putting a lot of my stress onto the people I love and that’s not fair. It’s like the well known saying of “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, you can not help others or spread happiness if you don’t have the fuel behind you.

Now that Christmas has sadly passed, a lot of people are going to be thinking about the new year and with that comes resolutions. I personally am a huge fan of resolutions and one of the top ones for me will be to remember to take a step back! I do want to live a fun and adventurous life, but if you are constantly on the go can you really enjoy it? Sometimes I think it is better to slow down and enjoy what is around you. We need to start putting ourselves first, learning to have a balance of saying yes and saying no and taking time to reflect so we can move on with confidence.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and have an even better new year! Just remember, relax, breathe and then take the next step.


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