BRING ON 2018!

It is that time of year where we are reflecting on the year we have had and what we envision for the future year to come. I enjoy this period between Christmas and new year, as to me there is a large about of hope and motivation to.. well… get my life together. Not everyone is a fan of new year resolutions and many of us do not stick to them past January, but I am a firm believer in new year goals. I have a range from small every day things right up to goals I will have to work all year round for. I have briefly mentioned some of my goals for the new year, but I wanted to go into detail, so hopefully I can look back when I am feeling de-motivated or once I have completed my goal I can see how far I have come. So let’s get to it!

  • Drink more water– I have really been slacking lately with my water intake and I would like to get it back up to about 2L a day! It helps to detox your system and has huge beauty benefits for your skin, hair and nails. Not only would I want to be drinking more water, but cutting out some of my other drinks. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do struggle to get through a day without a Coke Zero! I know it doesn’t have any calories in, but the stuff they put in instead of the sugar that is there normally, is just as bad for your health and even effects your teeth! I need to cut way down!
  • Get fitter– I moved jobs a few months ago and my new job was in the complete opposite direction so where my gym was so I found it difficult to get there. To cut a long story short I stopped going! I wanted to look for a gym closer, but always made an excuse about joining another. Once I stopped going I have felt bloated, gained a lot of weight and my mental health has taken a drop and that needs to change. As I was not working out, my mindset went into “fuck it” mode and convinced myself it was too close to Christmas to start being healthy again and it has caused me to be unhappy. This means I need to get right back on it! Yesterday I signed up to a gym with classes, a pool, equipment and a sauna. You know what I’m actually excited!
  • Become more consistent with my diet– with me trying to get into shape, that comes with looking at my eating habits. In the past I have been super good and healthy to then having a cheat day (that turns into a week) and then having a reboot and going back to being super healthy and I don’t want that! This hasn’t worked in the past because I have been so inconsistent. I’m not going to say no to everything, but slowly change to amount of unhealthy food to healthier food so I don’t fall off the wagon and need to start all over again. Instead of cheat days, have a few small treats during the week to keep me happy.
  • Read more– I get home after a day at work and my mind instantly goes to watching tv and looking at my phone and I forget about all the other things I love, such as reading. I need to spend more time reading, not only because I love it, but hopefully it will improve my writing. I want to follow some strong bloggers and find some great books that I can use to make myself better and to broaden my mind.
  • Become a better blogger– I have only been at this a few months and I can’t say I have done amazingly. I’m not looking for high views or lots of likes and comments, but do you know that feeling of “I know I can do better”? That is what I have right now! I know I can do so much more, but I am not dedicating enough time to it. I want to create content I am proud of and that I know is the best of my ability. I need to get more professional with my photography, create regular content and organise myself. If anyone has any tips or comments, please let me know, any feedback will be taken into consideration.
  • Save some money– I want to get out of the pay cheque to pay cheque cycle. With bills and still wanting to (some) have fun it can be very difficult, but I need to have a back up fund for emergencies. This should relieve me of some stress! I don’t think anyone truly realises how much it costs to move out until it is too late as they have already signed a contacted, but I know I can save if I put my mind to it and restrict myself a little. One day I would like to buy my own house and that is gonna take some saving so the quicker I start the quicker I’ll get there!
  • Focus on me– I have mentioned this in previous posts, but all my above goals seem to be giving me a very busy life! I want to make sure I do take some time for myself, to step back, reflect and not make me end up a frazzled mess. I want to take one night a week to fully relax and do things that I want to do. This could be taking a lush bath and reading my book for an hour or two. It could also be going to a yoga class at the gym and then having a swim or a Sauna session. Just be able to take some time to slow down a little bit.

Go on some adventures– I don’t think at this stage I will be able to afford to jet off to many magnificent places ( or be able to take the time off work) but I don’t want to be inside all day not doing anything. I don’t want to waste my youth! I understand that grafting at this age will help me out in the future, but I also want to enjoy my life and live it to the fullest it can be. I would love to go on a hike and get to the top to see the amazing view! I want to go to shows, concerts and spend some nights laughing and dancing. You know what? I want to get drunk and try not to make a fool out of myself because why the hell not! I need to learn to say yes to more fun things in life and it is surprising how many fun things you can do with a little amount of money!

  • Wake up earlier– It has been studied that we are at our most productive during the morning and I want to jump on that band wagon. I want to get up in time to make myself breakfast and lunch before I go to work and maybe even add in some stretching or meditation. This will most likely mean I will be going to bed earlier as I get very grumpy or cry at everything when I am tired. I know there is a lot I want to do, I’m gonna need to put in the hours to make this work! I have checked out some classes at the gym and there are several I can fit in before work, with time to get ready and have a shower. I can’t say I will be starting with that, but I can aim for it by the end of the year.
  • To be happy– I mentioned earlier that my mental health has taken a drop recently and I’m not 100% sure as when I look at my life, I am very fortunate and there is so much love in my life, but if anything that makes me feel a little bit guilty for feeling low at points. Last year I found that exercise really helped, so I will be heading back to the gym, but I want to look deeper into it and become a more positive person. I understand that it is healthy to have down days, but If there is something I can do to reduce the down days, I am gonna try!

I have set myself a large list and some even collide, but I want to at least try. A lot of people are not a fan of New Years resolutions as it is not something that people always stick to, but I would rather try and fail than not try at all. I would love to know what people’s plans are for news years and any goals you have! Also if you have any tips for me to help with any of my goals then please let me know!

Gee x


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