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So last night, I was on twitter- @littlebitofgee and I was taking part in a Bloggers Tribe conversation and it was all about self care and It inspired me to write a post! Also it is one of my new years resolution that I take more time for myself and take better care of myself. Recently, the new year and our new year goals is all I have seen through the blogging community so I thought I would stop talking about it and do it!

Self care is something I think is hugely important. If we are constantly on the go or stressing out, we will eventually burn out or get into a downwards spiral and will find it difficult to get out of. I like to take a few nights a week out to take care of myself and I try to make one of those nights on a Sunday so it sets me up for the week ahead. Here are a few things I like to do to help me de-stress and take care of myself. A lot of people have a routine for self care, but for me I just like to listen to my body and change what I do to help.

  1. Plan for Upcoming event or your next week/day

If I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed it is normally because I have too much on my plate or a lot of upcoming events. I find it easiest to de-stress or switch off if I know I have everything in order so planning ahead gets it out of my head. If i am doing this on a Sunday I plan out my next week such as getting my outfits ready, possibly even planning out meals. Once I get things onto paper, I feel like I can shut off my brain for a little.

2. Headspace app.

Another way I like to take care of myself is using the Headspace app. It is a 10 minute guided meditation. (also Free on the App store) I really like to use it before bed to get my mind to stay calm so I go into a deep sleep. Do you ever have those nights where  you are trying to sleep and you have a million and one thoughts going through your head? This is what helps me to relax and clears my mind.

3. Getting an early night

This one is self explanatory, but truly needed sometimes. After many mornings of waking up for work and having to drag myself out of bed an early night is never something that can be bad.

4. Get in some exercise

I find that I am always less stress after working out. The endorphin hit me and it is something I never regret doing. As someone who suffers from depression, Going to the gym and doing exercise is something that really help me mentally and I would recommend it to everyone. I am not saying it will cure everything, but it does help. Not everyone is a gym lover,  but even a light walk even makes me feel better.

5. Find something that makes you happy yet relaxed.

For me I like to run myself a bath, either with a lush bath bomb or with imperial leather foamy banana scented bubbles bath. I take in a book or magazine if I fancy reading or I prop my laptop on a little stool and put on my a series on Netflix’s! Currently I am loving re-watching friends! This paired with a face or hair mask to make me feel even better! I Light some candles and maybe even have a glass on wine, but most importantly I shut out the world and just have time for me.

What do you guys like to do for self care? Let me know in the comment section!


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  1. I’ve found making a to-do list either the night before or in the morning can help me stay motivated! I don’t go crazy with stuff like “get a million followers, win the lottery, write a novel” etc I’m more likely to put down “engage on social media, buy a lottery ticket, write 500 words” so it’s essentially the same things but on a more realistic and achievable level!

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