First Month of Fitness

So it has been a month since I decided to get back on track with my health and I am not going to lie it has been difficult, but 100% worth it. Just after Christmas I decided to sign up to my local gym, that has some amazing equipment, friendly staff, work out classes and even some spa facilities. I signed up for a years contract, hoping that it will motivate me to go more as otherwise I will be paying for nothing. To motivate me even more I have booked a holiday for the end of June and I want to look and feel amazing for it. I am trying not to weigh myself too much as the scales can be deceiving and instead of focusing on the scales, I am just trying to enjoy my time so that It becomes a habit and something I enjoy instead of a chore.

What have I learnt in my first month….

  •  I have learn how much I can actually do!

Surprisingly, I have realise that I can do a lot more than I expected I could and I imagine that a lot of people feel this way in the first few times they go to the gym. I found this most apparent when I am involved with the gym classes. I would highly recommend going to gym classes if you have the time or there are good ones available at your gym, as I find these push me so much more than I do on my own. I come away from the classes proud of what I have achieved and normally my legs feel like they can barley walk home.  Not only that they are soooo much more fun than watching the timer clock by on the treadmill.

  • How much you can change in one month

At the end of this week, I look back at the photos I took at the start of the month and I can really see a difference. I have also had many people compliment me and have been able to see a difference and that boosts me up so much. I love it!! Other ways I hae seen myself improve is my resting heart rate. I track my fitness with my fitbit and since the start of the month my resting hear rate was at 83bpm and now, only 30 days later, it has dropped to 72bpm.  look at me go!

  • How Important finding the right exercise is

I am in no way claiming to be an expert and well lets be honest, if anyone actually saw me work out they would see that I am definitely not an expert, but I do know that you are not going to stick to something if you don’t enjoy it. For this first month, Instead of worrying about what I can do for my abs or where I want to lose weight and how I can do that, I have spent the month trying different things to see what I enjoy. Once my fitness is up I might look into specifying my workouts, but for now me just getting off my bum is going to make a big difference. I signed myself up for loads of different classes and tested different equipment at the gym to see what I fancy. After this month, I have decided to stick to classes for a while, doing body combat, spin and kettlebells and if I can’t make the class or have some extra energy, the I will hit the gym or the pool. I find this works for my life/ timescale and I enjoy it so much more that being alone in the gym. Now I look forward to going!

  • Get the right playlist!

Keep your playlist updated people! if you are listening to a playlist 3/4 times a week for about an hour, its going to get repetitive and soon you will find yourself getting bored and for me that then makes me look at the clock and that is never good. I like to have songs I cannot stay still to so I always feel like moving my booty. Sometimes, I forget where I am and I realise that i’m running with a little dance and shaking my bum way too much! I can’t even being to think what other people think of me there. It keeps me going and the beat keeps me stable as I am a very uncoordinated person. Some of my favourites currently are:

  1. Woman – Kesha
  2. Breathe- Jax Jones
  3. Decline- Raye
  4. Perfect Strangers- Jonas Blue
  5. Dirty Sexy Money- David Guetta and Charli XCX

These really add a bounce to my step and make me feel sassy AF! Go add them to your playlist now- trust me, you will not regret it!

  • How much of a positive effect it has on your mental health

I knew there was science behind exercise releasing endorphins  and I totally agree as when you come out after you have really work your butt off, I always feel happy. A youtuber I follow – Carly Rowena- always says ” you will never regret a workout” and so far this has been true! I didn’t believe there was going to be such a huge effect on my mental health as this month I have felt the most positive I have felt in months. I feel I have so much more energy and just genuinely happier. It has helped me in ways that I  really struggle to explain.

Who else is new to the gym this month or are planning on starting soon? Let me know!!


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