November Goals

How is it that we are already at the start of our third week of November? Seriously, how!! The older I get the more I understand how people say that life is short as it feels like a week ago I was setting my goals for the new year. All the goals that I have... Continue Reading →


5 Things You Should Do Every Sunday!

My favourite day of the week has to be Sunday! To me Sunday‚Äôs are such a chill day, it is all about doing nothing and enjoying that nothing. Yes, sometimes we can be dying a little from that hangover we got from the night before, but it gives you even more reason to stay in... Continue Reading →

Morning walks

I am so fortunate to live around such beauty! I understand why people want to live in the city and I imagine it would be so exciting, but for me, knowing I can step outside my door and there be trails, rivers and woods fills me with joy. I have always lived in the countryside... Continue Reading →

Autumn Essentials

There has been a large colour change in the leaves that are now falling from the trees and whenever I step outside a crisp wind hits my face as I run to my car. ( I am really not an outdoor person) This can only mean that Autumn has officially arrived and I could not... Continue Reading →

Lush Autumn Hall!!

So I got a tad carried away as I saw the new ranges for Autumn/Halloween and Christmas had arrived on the Lush website. I was getting to the end of the month and surprisingly had money left so I went for it and order a fair bit. You can get some very nice bath bombs,... Continue Reading →

Mad, drunken fun!

I might be a bit late to the party with this one, but I was broken for so long after, it was difficult to build myself back up! I spent two weekends in a row sleeping in a tent, drinking at 10am and dancing the night away in a nicely lit up field. This year... Continue Reading →

I have a problem!

It is the third weekend of the months and bare in mind that I normally spend most of my wages within the first two days and spend the rest of the month making wish lists for me to buy on next pay day. Not only this but my car insurance is due at the end... Continue Reading →

Sunday cooking

It's Sunday, so I am back in the kitchen cooking and today I decided to make a butternut squash soup. My inspiration for this soup was very ... and I mean very... simple. I saw a giant ( like three coke cans on top of each other tall) butternut squash, in the supermarket and needed... Continue Reading →

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