Oreo Truffles

Over the past month I have been testing out treats and bakes so that my first Christmas that I will be spending in my own home will be a little step closer to being perfect. Not only that, I think little home-made gifts give such a special touch to the day I spend from roughly... Continue Reading →


November Goals

How is it that we are already at the start of our third week of November? Seriously, how!! The older I get the more I understand how people say that life is short as it feels like a week ago I was setting my goals for the new year. All the goals that I have... Continue Reading →

Home Baking

A Few evenings ago I decided to put my new found skills from watching bake off to the test and I decided to do a bit of baking myself. When I say my new found skills, I could not have be further from the truth haha! I am need of a lot more practice that... Continue Reading →

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