Self Care Sundays

Welcome back to my blog!! So last night, I was on twitter- @littlebitofgee and I was taking part in a Bloggers Tribe conversation and it was all about self care and It inspired me to write a post! Also it is one of my new years resolution that I take more time for myself and... Continue Reading →


5 Things You Should Do Every Sunday!

My favourite day of the week has to be Sunday! To me Sunday‚Äôs are such a chill day, it is all about doing nothing and enjoying that nothing. Yes, sometimes we can be dying a little from that hangover we got from the night before, but it gives you even more reason to stay in... Continue Reading →

Sunday cooking

It's Sunday, so I am back in the kitchen cooking and today I decided to make a butternut squash soup. My inspiration for this soup was very ... and I mean very... simple. I saw a giant ( like three coke cans on top of each other tall) butternut squash, in the supermarket and needed... Continue Reading →

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